Eurochemco Ventures Limited



Eurochemco is Africa’s leading distributor of plastics raw materials. Eurochemco delivers reliability, know-how and true business partnership to the worlds best polymer suppliers and all our customers worldwide. We carry extensive stocks of engineering, styrenic, polyolefin, and speciality thermoplastics. Materials widely used in automotive, conductive materials, construction, eco materials, electrical & electronics, general purpose, industrial, medical, packaging and water industry applications. High quality prime, post-consumer or off-grade resins: ABS, Acetal, Acrilic, ASA, biodeg polymers, EAA, EPDM, EVA, HDPE, LEPE, LLDPE, nylons, PBTs, PCs, PET, PETG, PP, PS, SAN, SEBS, SPS, TPE, TPO, TPS, TPU, TPV, UHMWPE. Filled with calcium carbonate, carbon fibre, glass bead, glass fibre, mineral and talc. For blow moulding, compounding, extrusion, film, injection moulding processes.

Eurochemco Ventures Limited is a recognized global leader in selling of quality chemcal products which includes color and additive concentrates and performance solutions for plastics. Brand owners, product manufacturers, designers and plastics processors around the world rely on Eurochemco to help enhance the market appeal or the end-use performance of plastic products, packaging or fibers.


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